The history of this German company Gustav WAHLER GmbH u. Co. KG, founded by Mr. Wahler Gustav, has more than 100 years experience. Today WAHLER is a partner of world famous car manufacturers such as ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, BMW, DAF, DAIMLER CHRYSLER, FIAT, FORD, GENERAL MOTORS, IVECO, MAN, OPEL, PEUGEOT, PORSCHE, RENAULT, SAAB, SCANIA, SEAT, SKODA, VOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO and many others.

Thermostats and thermal switches are essential elements for optimal and environmentally friendly operation of engines. Therefore WAHLER is responsible for enforcing the standards of the original parts.

WAHLER supply one quality of conveyors to both the automotive assembly plants and the aftermarket.

Thermostats and thermal switches of WAHLER have earned a worldwide reputation of high product reliability. Almost all known car manufacturers rely on products from WAHLER due to:

  • innovative engineering,
  • efficient technologies,
  • wide production program,
  • strict quality requirements,
  • years experience in the production of large series.

WAHLER’s full assortment of thermostats and thermal switches cater for most makes of passenger and commercial vehicles.

WAHLER thermostats are supplied with the appropriate fittings.

WAHLER products are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1.