As a leading expert in the field of original equipment for brake systems, TRW holds the first position in the development of technologies for production of valves, directing its efforts to ensuring that the most modern of them break into the market as quickly as possible.

Brake valves are regulators. They regulate the pressure applied to the brakes under various conditions. All brake valves manufactured by TRW are self-regulating that meets the highest international standards of the original equipment.

Safety tests in real conditions. The commitments of TRW on security issues are the foundation of its work. Each brake valve is tested on the pasteboard, track and road to get a clear evidence of its smooth efficient operation for which it is intended.

All brake valves manufactured by TRW has stamped identification code testifying the original quality of parts.

Assortment by product groups

- Valves,
- Rusk valves,
- Guide valves.

From the first of October in 2005 MS Motor Service International GmbH took sales of aftermarket valves of TRW Engine Components.

The goal of this joint effort was to strengthen the position of TRW valves in the market, optimization of production program, and improvement of customer service. For over 90 years, TRW Engine Components as the first equipment manufacturer produces valves and valve train components for vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Therefore, TRW is a leading enterprise in the development and production of valves for engine, valve train components and valve train systems for engines in cars, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, boats and motorcycles.

TRW Engine Components employs 5,500 people in its 16 plants. The company is part of TRW Automotive, which with more than 60,000 employees in 200 sales points globally, develops and manufactures products and systems that are of great importance for safety.