SWAG is one of the leading companies in the wholesale distribution of wear parts for cars in the free spare parts market. Since 1954, SWAG provides high quality and short delivery times.

The company is located in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt. Such central location provides easy access to the air, rail, and even sea transport. In the same city is a warehouse of the company, assembling workshops, office which is responsible for the packaging and distribution of goods. Huge spare parts stock of the company ensures quick time of collecting orders.

SWAG provides:

  • packaging that meets the requirements of the market
  • availability of more than 14,500 common wear parts for all models of German, European and Asian vehicles
  • innovative production management
  • continuous expansion of the product assortment in line with market requirements

Today offer of SWAG has over 14,500 parts for passenger and commercial vehicles: for models of German, European, Japanese and Korean car manufacturers:

  • Engine, Valve Gear Parts

Engine parts manufactured by SWAG are produced with the highest accuracy and meet the requirements of uncompromising quality. All products from the assortment of SWAG has triple checking system (TCS)

  • Part of the Steering Power System

Using parts for SWAG steering power and chassis systems you set focus. Tie Rod, joints and wishbone of independent suspension, pitman or thrust bearing strut- whatever it is SWAG provides you optimal precision of landing. Of course, taking into consideration its befitting functionality and operating life the parts of SWAG steering power meet the requirements of the market for 100%.

  • Suspension Parts

Using parts of suspension and steering power SWAG you can safely drive the car. Whether it is a tie rod, joints, or wishbone of independent suspension, draft stabilizer or suspension strut – SWAG always provide you the highest quality and accuracy of parts. Of course, considering its befitting functionality and operating life the parts of SWAG steering power meet the requirements of the market for 100%.

  • Parts of Brake System

Brake pair: disc and pad. Life of a person often depends on the quality of these parts. Therefore SWAG offers you a product you can rely on, at a time when you need to stop in a timely manner.

  • Parts of the Electrical Equipment System

Here the reliability is in the first place, even when it comes to the smallest part. In the program of spare parts for the electrical equipment system of a car there are parts of the cooling system, the relay, pressure switches, parts of injection system, washer pumps, servomotors, power windows, thermal switches and many other interesting parts for the market.

  • SWAG "plus"

Special program: parts that are not included in the abovementioned groups.
Among them you will find, for example, armature shaft, operating fluids (oil, antifreeze), bearings and wheel hubs, protective covers of constant velocity joints, cable drives, and other rubber parts and accessories, insulation blankets for radiators, bearing sets and cuffs for axles and steering power, cable drives of parking brake system and clutch, and many other high quality parts necessary to you.