SPIDAN is a trademark of GKN Group and a leading global manufacturer and supplier of drive shafts to conveyors of automakers.

GKN Group was founded in 1759 and today is the world’s leader in the production of automotive transmissions, occupying more than 35% of the world market and acting in more than 40 countries. GKN Group is a global supplier to the global automotive and aerospace manufacturers. GKN provides high engineering products almost all producers, ranging from passenger vehicles and farm machinery to aircraft and aircraft engines.

The Spidan product range includes:

  • drive shafts
  • constant velocity joints
  • duster for drive shafts and CV joints
  • GKN SPIDAN designs and manufactures the largest range of the drive components for the automotive industry. Range of products from simple drive systems to modern systems of all-wheel drive vehicles.
  • GKN SPIDAN is a partner for the global automotive industry. Many talented engineers develop products in various parts of the world to supply to conveyors of auto manufacturers.

Multilingual team of professionals works closely with each customer to develop auto parts, clearly understanding the needs of each car. Providing optimum solutions accurately to all specifications, using its extensive experience in the automotive industry. GKN SPIDAN delivers solutions quickly, economically and efficiently.