Commitment to innovation and achievement of the highest quality combined with the developed "know how" ensures the success of the brand SACHS. Therefore SACHS clutches hold a leading position in the world markets. Compliance with the most modern level of technology development is only possible if, in practice there is applied development used for such advanced areas of motor racing, such as Formula 1. Besides, SACHS provides extensive customer support to service stations and business firms. SACHS is the key to successful business development in the world.

Shock absorbers
Shock absorbers convert vibration energy of the body and wheels into the heat. Amenable to such a short description, however, has a significant impact on driving safety, comfort and wear. If we consider the safety aspect, the shock absorbers have the goal of preventing the wheels bouncing on uneven road surface, so that they temporarily lose contact with the ground and cannot in such condition transfer the brake, driving and lateral forces. Comfort of shock absorber is lost while driving over bumps, changing direction, transmitting braking or acceleration to passengers, so to say "without filter"; shock absorbers significantly reduce this effect and crucially contribute to the well-being of passengers. Bouncing wheels and strong body movements due to non-performing shock absorbers increases wear of tires and chassis components as well.

Clutch is the link between the engine and transmission. It contributes to the comfortable transition from rest to motion, but at idling and under variable speed interrupts flow of power between the engine and transmission. Its main elements are the clutch disc, pressure plate and release lever, and depending on the purpose they may have different constructions. All components of the clutch matched to each other so that they have approximately the same time of sevice. Therefore, if the damage of clutch is detected, it makes sense to replace all the clutch. For this ZF Trading holds ready a full program of spare parts kits for the best solution consisting of pressure plate, clutch disc and release lever. They are supplied bundled with special consistent grease for mounting and perfect operation.

Clutch-fan turns on and off the fan depending on cooling demand. Limiting the number of fan speed to the desired value reduces fan noise and reduces fuel consumption.
SACHS produces clutch-fans for over 30 years and is one of the leading providers in this field. Our program includes a clutch-fans for passenger and commercial vehicles.