Company "Road House" was founded in 1975 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of friction materials. Reliable reputation of the company confirms the fact that in 1999 it has entered into the world famous companies in the production of auto parts (TRW). More than 1000 employees of "RoadHouse" provide order fulfillment at 8 factories around the world. In Europe, 6 factories dedicated to the manufacturing of brake linings for trucks and industrial engines, brake pads, accessories, etc. Two factories in the United States are engaged in the production of brake linings.

With a maximum annual growth rate of about 15% "Road House" produces more than 50 million units of brake pads and brake linings in a year. However, the advantage of "RoadHouse" is that the purpose of its activities is not only to increase production turnover but also to improve its quality in the latest research and technological development. Existing standards of quality and financial investments made in this area of ??production significantly stimulated the creative potential of the Company and allowed it to take its rightful place among the world's leading manufacturers of spare parts. Besides, high level of self-sufficiency in raw materials and blanks for parts ensures complete quality control of the final product.

Center of research and development of the Company regularly hold a series of tests and experiments to confirm compliance of product with accepted standards of quality. Using completely perfect simulators there are also conducted virtual tests of brake materials. The data obtained from these experiments are compared with the results of tests in vivo. Quality of "RoadHouse" brake pads is confirmed by various certificates received in recent years. ISO 9001, R.B.A., T.U.V., M.I.R.A. – are the most prestigious names of quality certification, which now products can get in the aftermarket. "RoadHouse" almost in everything meets the latest standard of ECE R-90, which accompanies the entire market of auto parts in general. 1200 items, 400 brake pads, 700 discs and drums, produced by "RoadHouse" are 98% of the product in the market. Advanced technology also ensures the safety of the environment.

Advances in the field of innovative solutions aimed not only at expanding the range of manufactured parts, but also increasing the level of environmental safety. A striking example of this are the recent examples of the brake linings. Thanks to the new composition of the organic ingredients that do not contain heavy metals, "Road House" is a revolutionary product, which is now the market leader in brake materials. Now "Road House" is close to the established standard, ISO 14001 and adheres to the production technology that ensures the safety of the environment in the near future.