Pierburg – is a department of KolbenSchmidt Pierburg AG - one of the world's largest manufacturers of OEM engine parts. A world leader in innovation in the supply systems of fuel and air of gasoline engines.

Product: Electric fuel pumps for gasoline engines, fuel pump modules;

Features and Benefits: innovative technologies of modular design of fuel pumps, ease of installation and absolute tightness, safety and low power consumption, the highest durability and low noise.

Assortment of Pierburg includes intake manifolds, electric throttles, vacuum pumps, air consumption, exhaust gas recirculation valves, blowers secondary starting system, pneumatic valves, electric fuel pumps, fuel level sensors and pressure regulators.

Assortment by product groups

  • Electric fuel pumps for gasoline engines, fuel pump modules;
  • Fuel valves, fuel pressure regulator, pulsation dampeners for flow;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Oil pumps, cooling system pumps with electrical and mechanical drives, pumps air conditioner pumps;
  • Elements of the ICE air supply system;
  • Elements of the recirculation system of exhaust gases.