Monroe is one of the most famous brands of shock absorbers in the world.

The company is part of the Tenneco Automotive - American Division Corporation Tenneco Inc. - Manufacturer of high quality automotive components.

Brisk Blast was founded in 1916, in Monroe (Michigan, USA), which manufactured pumps for filling tires and created the first self-lubricating pump for the first production of Ford Model T.

Three years later the company was named Monroe Auto Equipment. In 1926, its experts developed the world's first "device for shock absorption," and in 1929 created the world's first hydraulic double acting shock absorbers. Monroe-Matic shock absorbers released in 1951 became the most famous shock absorber in the world in the 1950s; it has been the standard for car manufacturers in the U.S. since then.

The plants are located throughout the world. To service the European market in the mid-60's, Monroe Europe production department was created in Sint-Truiden (Belgium), which produces more than 90 000 shock absorbers per day. There is also a distribution center, where 2 million components are available.

Every year the company produces and sells more than 60 million shock absorbers in 120 countries. Most of the products are delivered to manufacturers of Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and other automakers.

All Monroe shock absorbers are tested (165 cycles rebound/compression) before it is packed in a box.

The company focuses its attention to motorsports. The Monroe Team has been participating in World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) for several years.

Tenneco Automotive is one of the founders of the program Exponentia - global training concept developed by the leading manufacturers of automotive components to bring the knowledge of technical experts in service stations in line with modern requirements for the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

To develop and support the sales network, the company offers a certification program for automotive technicians.