The high degree of reliability and quality in the technique of steering and suspension are distinctive features of the brand LEMFORDER. Cooperation in the execution of development with leading car manufacturers ensures rapid implementation of increasing demands in reliability, safety and comfort. LEMFORDER offers more than 13,000 items of high quality products for both passenger and commercial vehicles and is a reliable partner in the aftermarket. Besides, LEMFORDER offers service events, which include information and learning programs, helping both in technical and commercial aspects to ensure the long-term and cost-effective business development.
Products: rubber-metal products

In 1964, the Bremen export department of Lemforder Metallwaren was restructured and reorganized to the Lemforder Metallwaren-Export GmbH (Lemex) company with its head office in Bremen. Roland R. Papier is the executive director. He owns 95% of shares. In 1967, he gave 45% of shares to the company LMAG. In 1969 Ulderap gave his son Christian his shares of Lemex. In May 6, 1977 all preparations had been completed and there had been established a company which is involved in the supply of Lemforder products throughout the world. Lemforder Metallwaren International GmbH (LMI) was included in the register in May 18, 1977. The company, founded by Christian Peter Ulderap, subsequently registered office of Bremen in 1978. With the industrial support of the Lemforder Metallwaren AG, LMI has become an important member of the strong, represented worldwide Lemfoerder Group. In 1978 there was founded the first subsidiary - Autex Autoteile (automotive components)-Export GmbH. In 1988, there was founded Otus UK Ltd., (which later became the LMI GB Ltd in 1999), in 1997 - LMI Japan and LMI United States. In 1998 the Eurocom/ECR plant was purchased in Spain.
In 2000 the company was transformed from a GmbH to GmbH & Co. KG. In 2001, LMI Company was wholly owned by ZF-Lemforder, and therefore, after-market organization for the entire group. LMI began to sell under a new name - Lemforder International AG & Co. KG. Leadership in safety and quality - that's what makes LEMFORDER special. The experience that we have acquired during the joint development with the leaders of the global auto industry – is our guarantee that the growing demand in the field of safety and comfort will be met. LEMFORDER produces high quality products for passenger and commercial vehicles; it is a powerful partner of independent distributors. We offer more: information and training sessions provide technical and commercial support - all which is needed for long-term and profitable business.

This is what motivates LEMFORDER forward.

Quality - is a prerequisite for your confidence
This refers not only to the parts of steering and suspension that are essential for safety, for which LEMFORDER is one of brands with quality manufacturer of passenger and industrial vehicles, but also to all product groups.

Steering and chassis
Suspension components
The elements of the drive mechanism
The motor and control

Steering and chassis
Steering and chassis components are the parts that are responsible for the driving safety, which at the stages of design, manufacture and mounting are subject to special scrutiny of performance.
They should ensure the optimum driving safety in all driving situations that may arise under the influence of a driver or without.
The status of "Part D" (security part) requires extensive product testing, which should be detailed in the documentation:

Passenger car
Axial joint,
fry steering,
intermediate lever steering gear,
swing bearing,
transversal swinging arm for suspension,
relay rod,
steering knuckle tie rod end,
joint of independent suspension.

Suspension components
The main functions of the rubber metal parts of a car are:
• a combination of components and assemblies,
• execution of certain vibrations,
• vibration damping,
• borne noise jamming.
Under normal loads, rubber metal parts are designed for the whole lifetime of the car. They are relatively insensitive to the occasional overloads. They combine the components and assemblies: e.g., Suspension strut with a body or transversal swinging arm for suspension with chassis. Rubber metal parts dampen vibration, for example, while driving thanks to its elastic deformability almost completely extinguish vibration in the cabin of the car. To extinguish vibration of such components, as the engine and transmission, these units are fixed to the frame with rubber metal parts.
Support for engine and gearbox
Reliance of subframe
Suspension strut
Rocker arm and tie rod
Rubber metal glass and disc hinged
Special supports