LuK which has its headquarters in Buhl, Germany, is now a supplier of components to the automotive industry worldwide. Every fourth car comes from the assembly line with LuK clutches. Not only passenger vehicles are equipped with LuK products, but also commercial vehicles, buses and tractors.

LuK also develops hydraulic systems under the sign of driving comfort, reliability, efficiency and satisfaction, including hydraulic pump systems for power steering in heavy trucks. Innovative suspension pumps provide energy for intelligent stabilization systems. Tandem pumps create pressure injection for fuel-efficient engines and ensure reliable operation of the power brakes.

LuK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive clutches and was founded in 1965. The founder of the company was group INA Schaeffler. Products include: clutch covers, clutch discs, release bearings, clutch kits, clutch cables, flywheels, steering power pumps, shock boots, thrust bearings, bushes for release bearings, steering power and engine shock absorbers. Today, every second car in Germany and every fourth in the world come of the assembly line with LuK clutches. The company employs 6,500 employees together working in LuK plants in Germany, England, USA and other countries. All plants operate by a single technology, using the same for all LuK companies engineering database. 750 people are involved solely in the design and construction of new systems in their own development organizations of LuK. To date, LuK has over 1000 patents in the field of clutches.