Phaeton DC is the official distributor of KYB in Kazakhstan

KYB Corporation - KYB Corporation is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment in the world. This leading technology is used in aviation, shipbuilding and the automotive industry.

KYB was established in 1947, and for 63 years has achieved impressive success: it is currently the largest supplier of shocks absorbers to the manufacturer with a market share of 25% in the world and one of the largest suppliers of shock absorbers in the secondary market (aftermarket) in Europe.

The company's headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Company employs more than 11,500 people and annual turnover in excess of $ 3.8 billion. 51% of the company’s turnover is due to the sale of shock absorbers. KYB shares are represented on the Tokyo Exchange.

KYB Corporation produces more than 75 million shock absorbers annually in 15 plants, which are exported to over 100 countries around the world under the KYB brand name.

Its main operations are located in Japan, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Today, every fourth car comes of the assembly line with KYB shock absorbers.

KYB owns the world's largest plant for the production of shock absorbers, which produces more than 50 million pieces per year. All manufacturing plants have international certificates of ISO9001, QS9000 and ISO14001.

KYB supplies its products to all well-known car manufacturers in world Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and many others.

An example of close cooperation with a car manufacturer is that of Renault. Kayaba and Renault jointly developed the shock absorbers for the new Megane Coupe Cabriolet and are now delivered to Renault plants in France, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil.

KYB Corporation develops and manufactures suspension systems for motorcycle manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Shock absorbers delivery to the secondary market (aftermarket) make up 25% of the total amount of KYB produced absorbers. It must be emphasized that these shocks absorbers are produced on the same production line, using the same technology as the shock absorbers delivered to vehicle manufacturers.

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