Kolbenschmidt is part of MSI Motor Service International GmbH, which includes Pierburg.

MSI Motor Service International GmbH Priority produces various parts and components for automotive engines. MSI Motor Service International GmbH has been the leading aluminum pistons manufacturer for many years.

Assortment by product groups

- System valves for recirculation of exhaust gases,
- Mass flow sensors,
- Throttle bodies,
- Fuel pumps,
- Fuel valves,
- Vacuum pumps,
- Pumps for extra air supply,
- Valves for extra air,
- Electric valves.


Operational reliability and durability of a repaired engine primarily depend on its pistons.

In the process of repair of an engine all conditions need to be complied so that KS high-quality piston can fully perform its function.

Therefore installing KS piston during engine repairs begins at the preparation stage.