FUCHS - TITAN motor oil, transmission oil, antifreeze

Founded in 1931 in Mannheim (Germany), FUCHS is now a global concern, the largest independent manufacturers of lubricants. More than 120 subsidiaries, operating worldwide, are equipped with the most modern equipment, produce and sell about 9,000 items of lubricants for all industries. The consolidated turnover of the group exceeds 1.5 billion of German marks.

Strict quality control procedure at all stages of production is certified by ISO 9001. Over 40 scientific laboratories that are equipped with the latest technology and close cooperation with universities ensure the company the leading market position in lubricants. More than 70% of sold products - is the result of the latest (not older than 5 years) development.

FUCHS is a pioneer in the development of many new technologies, such as the production of environmentally friendly lubricants.
Over the past few years, outpacing the legal requirements, FUCHS has developed and offered products that promote environmental protection and jobs not only in their use, but also for disposal. Leakage of lubricants and fluids in water and soil can cause pollution, so FUCHS Lubricants has developed a rapid biodegradability which is more compatible with the environment. Their main applications are agriculture, forestry, construction, water transport. PLANTO oil series were awarded an environmental label "Blue Angel" for high efficiency in environmental protection.

FUCHS offers complete solutions, not just a lubricant, for example - the production of anti-corrosion coatings - ANTICORIT series. Laboratory of manufacturing and testing of these materials is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows in the chamber with the test product to create climatic conditions of a given location at any time of the year or the storage conditions and transportation of semi-finished products, parts, machinery processed by means of ANTICORIT. VOLKSWAGEN prescribes the use in the manufacture of body sheet steel protected by ANTICORIT 5012 S, as this material has two functions: it protects against corrosion and is a technology lubricant in stamping - the economic effect is unconditional.

Lubricants for the mining industry must meet the highest safety standards, and the fact that over 60% of global sales volume comes from FUCHS proves its leading position. At the moment Russian mines, which use high-imported equipment, use lubricants and special additives produced by FUCHS LUBRICANTS (UK) PLS, (UK).

Many other FUCHS lubricants have also found its consumers in Russia. They are traditionally distinguished by high quality and allow consumers to get a significant economic effect.

In Russia the only company within FUCHS is Fuchs Oil Ltd. with offices in Moscow and Yaroslavl. Around ten years, company produces cutting fluids for metal working, which are successfully used in many industrial enterprises of Russia. Fuchs Oil Company also sells FUCHS original products, manufactured in Germany, the UK and other countries.