The most well-known company engaged in the production of belts today is ContiTech, which has gained great popularity in the market of accessories. By offering the highest quality products, ContiTech has acquired the respect, trust and recognition from leading car manufacturers, which made the driving belts of ContiTech original parts in their vehicles.

Modern technology requires great experience and rich tradition of quality made products of ContiTech most popular among the products of competing manufacturers. Today’s driving belts, timing belts and other products manufactured by ContiTech tops the list of components in Germany, ranking first place and second place in Europe respectively. Today the company is producing more than five hundred types of ContiTech timing belts. Each belt has unique characteristics that make them not only competitive but also leading in the modern market. Such success is not accidental - any product that comes off the production line of ContiTech, in particular, timing belts, driving belts and others, has been extensively tried and tested. Thus, ContiTech products pass a wide range of tests, including simulating extreme conditions. Reliability – is the main priority of ContiTech, and to this aspect is given a large amount of attention and resources. Products manufactured by this brand are in accordance with ISO 9001 and have been awarded a number of awards.

Exemplary technological indicators allowed timing belts, driving belts and other accessories of ContiTech to become original components in the production of vehicles of well-known brands such as Audi, Opel, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Fiat, Volvo and others.