BOSCH forte lies in the development, manufacturing and sale of products that meet the highest technological standards. BOSCH annually invests a significant amount of revenue into research and development and are constantly improving technology and quality standards of their products. In 2003 this investment was $2.7 billion Euros. This resulted in 2400 patented copyright inventions.

BOSCH Group is divided into four business sectors:
- Automotive Equipment BOSCH Automotive
- Communication technology
- Household appliances and construction tools
- Automation systems

Approximately 68% of total sales come from Automotive Equipment.
This business sector has five main areas:
1. Fuel injection and ignition for internal combustion engines
2. Electrical Machines: starters, generators, low capacity units
3. Systems for active and passive protection: ABS / TCS / ESP, braking systems, lighting equipment, windscreen wipers
4. Mobile communication: Radio with cassette, navigational driver systems
5. Diagnostic equipment for Auto Service

Electronics plays a vital role in today's automotive industry. Many cars are equipped with large amounts of "smart" systems that facilitate their operation and provide the highest level of driving safety. However, few people know that Robert Bosch GmbH was the first to invent the ABS active safety systems, traction control and stability systems.
Special attention should be given to products for diesel engines, because thanks to the invention of the injection pump (high pressure fuel pump) it is now possible to use diesel engine cars. Another invention by the experts of BOSCH.

BOSCH is one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive spare parts and special equipment. Manufactured to the highest standards and with the latest technology, BOSCH product established itself as the best worldwide.

Spark plugs, glow plugs, spark plug wires

Spark plug catalogue includes more than 500 items and covers 98% of the European market.

Thanks to the selection of suitable spark plugs for each engine, Bosch provides the most efficient combustion process and fuel consumption. For durable operation of the spark an uninterrupted supply of high voltage is needed, thus Bosch produces modern voltage converters, ignition coil. In diesel engines, in order to ignite the fuel mixture Bosch glow plugs are used, which are designed with the latest technology.

Oil, air, fuel, cabin filters

BOSCH Air Filters provide effective and reliable engine even under extreme conditions. Air filters reliably clean the air and are resistant to moisture, heat, grease.

BOSCH Fuel Filters contain a special filter layer of microwave paper which allows the protection of any modern fuel injection system. BOSCH creates filters for each type of engine.

BOSCH Oil Filters provide the best engine protection. Conventional oil filters consist of a metal base, filter element and various supporting systems: pressure spotter, float collar.

BOSCH Cabin Filters. Filter element, developed to prevent harmful substances from entering the vehicle.

BOSCH Cabin Filters provide fresh air in your car!

V-timing and V-ribbed belts

The success of BOSCH Drive Belts are due to the high quality of materials used in the manufacturing process. The distinction of the BOSCH products from other belts manufacturers - is a high degree of resistance to extreme temperatures, optimal torque transmission, good resistance to deformation and fuel economy at the expense of low energy loss. Covering 95% of all European and Japanese cars, and convenient packaging makes Bosch belts the popular choice.

Lamps and Lighting

In the wide range of Bosch lighting products there are a variety of technical versions of headlamps and fog lamps. Lights with Bosch halogen and xenon lamps hold a significant share of the European market, due to the exceptional quality of Bosch products. The Bosch range includes tail lights, spotlights and search lights, turning lights, special signals, bulbs and parts for a variety of lighting systems.


Recognized high quality of Bosch wipers are manifested in excellent glass cleaning and longevity of use. Innovative technology of Bosch wipers ensure the best visibility on the road and maximum reliability.

Injection Pumps

BOSCH Injection Pumps have a longstanding manufacturing history. Bosch constantly improves and enhances the quality of their products, Bosch Injection Pumps are no exception. Reliability, quality and practicality – are the main features of injection pumps.

Elements of petrol injection and ignition

Most European cars use Bosch lambda probes, which are used by many famous car manufacturers. Lambda probes or oxygen sensors are located in the exhaust pipe and therefore must withstand considerable thermal, mechanical and chemical stress. Lambda probes should be of high quality to perform this function - measurement of residual oxygen in the exhaust gases in the exhaust system of the vehicle.

Sensors and Control Units

The first car with micromechanical sensors from Bosch was released over 10 years ago. This pressure sensor started a new era of car motor control and became the first in the rapid development of production in this field. Since then, Bosch has produced more than 400 million micro-mechanical sensors (MS). The company began producing Bosch sensors for mass air flow in 1996, and was closely followed by Bosch sensors of acceleration for control systems of seatbelt tensioners and airbag control systems, and management systems-ABS.

Brake Systems

BOSCH brake systems corresponds 100% to the demands of the driver in safety and comfort of driving. More than 4000 items in European, Asian and American vehicles show the high quality of BOSCH, based on many years experience and innovation. The effectiveness of brake systems components of BOSCH always comply with the latest technology through constant new developments.

Strict quality controls of BOSCH brake discs guarantees safety and comfort when braking. BOSCH brake pads are a stable coefficient of friction, high reliability and long service life.

Generators, Starters and Components

The demand for car power systems have recently increased significantly. During the period from 1970 to 1990, generator power increased by 2.5 times. Starting from the time of alternator invention, despite any increasing power characteristics, it is performed in smaller sizes (size reduction every year – is a property that BOSCH coil possesses), while the rotating speed increases.