New power for your car - Bosch Silver

New power for your car - Bosch Silver

Thanks to the innovative silver doped wafers battery BOSCH SILVER offers you more: more advantages, more quality, greater benefit to your pocket and more technological advantages with BOSCH!

In summer 2005, the program Bosch Silver has been redesigned and re-engineered with the increasing requirements to the battery in the original configuration. Starting this year, Bosch offers the updated program Bosch Silver, which is fully compliant with the automakers to electrical and technical characteristics, as well as to the quality of the batteries supplied to the assembly lines.

Now the program Bosch Silver battery includes a main program, the diesel program and the program for Asian cars Asia Silver. All batteries are made with the use of silver alloy. Bosch silver battery is a kind of 100% maintenance-free battery, the seal-capping of which is fully sealed and has the following features

  • Sealed and smooth seal-capping surface
  • The ergonomic handle is easy to convey and install
  • Labyrinth seal-capping totally avoids the overflow of the electrolyte fluid
  • The glass shell is effective for fire protection
  • Sintered seal-capping prevents the electrolyte fluid from leaking

Main program

Furthermore, the glass sintered shell structure ensures Bosch battery has longer life and higher safety performance

The program includes 26 types, providing coverage for more than 95% of the market.

Bosch Batteries – is the best choice for those who value comfort and safety.