BOGE shock absorbers ensure high reliability and comfort for drivers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. BOGE brand is a reliable and professional partner in the aftermarket, offering a wide assortment of shock absorbers for various target use for more than 4400 different models of vehicles. Success is guaranteed only for those who combine tradition and modern trends: the guarantee of product quality and the latest technology; flexibility that allows you to apply current trends in practice and offer individual approach - all this makes BOGE brand a strong and reliable partner for business es and service stations.

Shock absorbers convert vibration energy of body and wheels to heat. In short, a significant impact on driving safety, comfort and wear. From the safety aspect, the objective of shock absorbers is to prevent the "jump" of wheels on uneven roads, causing the wheels to temporarily lose contact with the ground and in this state cannot transfer any brake or lateral or driving force. Comfort, provided by suspension, reduces body movement while driving on rough roads, while changing the direction of driving, braking and acceleration so to say "without filter" are transferred to the passengers in the vehicle; shock absorbers significantly reduce this effect and decisively provide comfort for passengers. Besides, the jumping wheels and sharp body movements due to unworkable shock absorbers increase wear of tires and running gear components.

Automatic - absorbers which have the quality of the manufacturer.

Optimal reliability
For mass production car industry chooses shock absorbers, optimally coordinated with the corresponding vehicle. In practice, they provide optimal reliability and functionality in every driving situation. Depending on the brand, performance and engine type of the car, you can choose different sizes of shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers for any purpose
Therefore, BOGE offer you appropriate shock absorbers designed and manufactured by strict scale of manufacturer for any purpose. No matter how your car's shock absorbers are fitted, with BOGE automatic you get reliability and comfort in a new car.

Turbo - is an alternative for a driver with ambitions. Sports performance
BOGE turbo offers sports alternative. For applicable requirements in any driving situation. Special design for each vehicle with the use of modern technology.

Re-equip - at any time.
If you make high demands on your vehicle and expect more from the chassis, then BOGE turbo will give you great stability and sportiness. Re-equipment to BOGE turbo happens with no problem - when installing struts as well.