Country: Japan and France

«AKEBONO» - is a trademark of Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd., the world famous developer of brake systems, as well as the manufacturer of friction materials, disc and drum brake pads. Akebono Brake Industry Ltd. is a major supplier of brake pads to manufactures of Japanese automakers and supplies 30% of assembly line with friction materials for the automotive industry. This indicates undoubted confidence in the quality of products of «Akebono» in Japan. European division «Akebono» (Akebono Europe S.A.) was founded in 1985 in France and in 1995 Akebono opened the Akebono Europe Research Center (CREA). Three years later the first plant «Akebono» was built in Europe, carrying out the production of disc brake pads. All products of «Akebono» are certified by ISO / TS: 16949, ISO 14001. The assortment of products is more than 200 part numbers of disc brake pads for cars from Korea and Japan and is constantly expanding.