ASNU (UK) - Installation to check and clean injectors.

Installation procedure:

  • visual control of torch formation and fuel spray by injectors at work on various modes;
  • check if air-tightness of injector valves are in a closed position;
  • measurement of opening pressure of mechanical injectors valves;
  • diagnosis of winding the electromagnet injectors that work in different modes;
  • measurement of injectors performance (fuel feed);
  • ultrasonic washing of injectors;

Installation Features:

  • ! separate observation camera allows you to observe the whole torch, which provides an objective assessment of the injector;
  • ! installation allows you to simultaneously diagnose or wash up to 8 injectors of any type: mono-injection (single point, SPI), electronic injection (multipoint, MPI), direct injection (GDI);
  • ! the range of simulated crankshaft rev in diagnosing is between 600-20000 rpm, and the duration of injection is between 1-12 ms, which allows you to work with injectors on fast motorcycle engines;
  • adjustment of supply pressure of test liquid is done by a valve and controlled by a built-in dial gauge;
  • installation has a variety of work programs both preinstalled in advance and set by the operator;
  • injectors with dismantled filters of fuel fine cleaning undergo ultrasonic washing that can remove particles of solids from interior cavities;
  • ! washing of injectors is accompanied by actuation of the solenoid valves with variable frequencies and duty cycles of the control pulses (duration of opening), which increases the efficiency of crushing and removal of solid deposits.

For diagnosis and ultrasonic washing there are special liquids, which don’t contain chemical active substances, and ensure the safety of the injectors, the effectiveness of their cleaning and environmental friendliness.

In the installation set and by additional order there are components for all types of nozzles specified by the manufacturer for mandatory replacement: fine filter cleaning, annular seal and cap spray.

Technical data:

Supply voltage220В
Dimensions (LxWxH)550х450х700
Range of simulated crankshaft rotating speed600-20000 rpm
Range of injection time1-12 ms
Pressure range0-10bar
The number of standard test programs15

Trim level

  • installation for diagnosing and cleaning injectors;
  • holder with a set of adapters for fixation of different types of injectors;
  • wiring harnesses with connectors for solenoid valves of injectors;
  • cans with test and circulating fluid;
  • set of fine filter cleaning, annular seal and cap spray for different types of injectors;
  • tool for installation and removal of fine filter cleaning;
  • dust cover for installation;
  • Protocol form of injectors.

Diagnostic equipment and cleaning injectors "ASNU " have recommendations from Robert Bosch GmbH and are successfully used worldwide by dealers and independent auto-repair businesses.